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I worked on the Miami team for The Pao App, an app that encourages users to get off of their couches and become tourists in their own city. I ran their Miami TikTok and Instagram account for 9 months and grew the TikTok by 70k followers and Instagram by 12k.  

Example videos: 


Maruchi is a well-known women's boutique here in Miami. I photographed their main model at the time in a series of three photoshoots, featuring their new arrivals. The images were used on their Instagram and website.

Example images:

Attraction Tickets LTD

Worked as a social media content creator for world-renowned Orlando ticket providers based in the UK. Videos were published on Instagram and TikTok. Content used for social media advertisements. 

Blue Space Group

Blue Space is a platform of spaces on the water, bookable by the hour based in Miami, FL. I created content for their social media accounts on behalf of The Pao Creative.

Example video:


Short-form video content on my personal TikTok account.


My personal Instagram account where I mainly publish travel photography and videography.


Example images:


Travel Videos (my personal favorite)

Here are some of my favorite travel videos I have created. 

Lemon8 is a social media app owned by ByteDance. Worked as a content creator for the travel category of the app and created informative blogposts. 

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